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Why do we need to try Autotrading software in Indian Markets

Let us see how the Autotrading can be used to help a trader who is fed up with manual trading process. In short,you try to look at Autotrading software as an assistant strictly following programmed orders. Normally the autotrading programme sends an alert as soon as a trade is executed. Initially it is advisable to keep things on low key like using minimum number of lots,reasonable profit,reasonable loss levels. Also it is recommended to see under what scenario the programme delivers better results. Remember it is these things that finally control results-your position size,your risk size and basic winning edge of the programme formula and current market conditions.

It is helpful for traders who are emotional by nature,who had big losses earlier, and who are prone to do overtrading who experience lot of tension & anxiety when trade is in progress,and those who reached a mental condition that nothing works in the markets and they tend to believe it is almost impossible to make money in trading.

The most basic trader problem is failure to follow the trading plan rules or having no patience to sit through the trade as it matures. The emotion thing is out of trading system once you switch over to autotrading system.

So we now provide you an simple ,easy-to-use , yet powerful robotrade that allows trading small lots,setting max loss,profit levels thus giving chance to control profits closely. Doing entry-exit-stoploss following mechanically helps eliminate manual trading problems. Unless you still get confidence in the autotrading system. Think it over.

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